We are committed to providing building owners, general contractors and subcontractors with a full-service solution for all their firestop system needs. We specialize in the installation of UL-classified and FM-approved firestop systems.
When you choose us, you’re selecting a premier installer of passive fire protection systems for: pipe, duct, conduit, wire, cable tray and bus duct penetrations; grease duct wrap and enclosure systems.
As a full-service provider, we can recommend, install, inspect and maintain the most effective and cost-efficient products and systems for your specific condition or project.

Wall/Floor Penetrations

We supply and install firestop systems for metallic and plastic piping, bare and insulated ductwork, cable, conduit, wire, cable tray and electrical bus duct. We specialize in providing firestop services for:

  • Mechanical – heating and cooling
  • Electrical – light, power, alarm, control and communication
  • Plumbing – water, sanitary, vent and acid waste
  • Fire Protection – sprinkler and FM200 system
  • Duct – supply, return, exhaust and stair pressurization
  • Kitchen Exhaust and Grease Duct
  • Single and Multiple Penetrations
  • Large Floor and Wall Openings
  • Smoke and Acoustic Seals

Fire Resistive Construction Joints

Slab Edge/Curtain Wall

Curtain wall fire stopping and insulation provides a critical line of defense in fire protection that has been UL/ULC tested and approved for perimeter fire containment. Our personnel are highly trained to design, develop and install slab edge and curtain wall firestop materials in accordance with applicable building regulations and fire codes.
We provide selection, installation, inspection and maintenance services for a wide variety of fire resistive joint systems:

  • Construction Joints
  • Head and Foot of Wall
  • Control Joints
  • Perimeter Slab Edge
  • Slab to Slab
  • Slab to Wall
  • Curtain Wall Insulation
  • Steel Beams and Columns
  • Top and Bottom of Mechanical Shafts
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