Through our strategic alliance with Darchem, we specialize in radiant heat shields for the protection of personnel, equipment and structures from heat and flames – onshore and offshore.
Darchem’s range of heat shield systems are well proven. The unique all-metallic system utilizes the effects of air flow to cool the shield and gives a heat flux reduction during flaring conditions.
The unique design features of the Darmet RadiAnt HEATSHIELD ensure that heat is reflected while cooler air is drawn from the underside of the shield, creating a ‘steady state’ situation, usually less than 212ºF.
DARMET RADIANT HEATSHIELDING is adaptable in design and has the capability to incorporate cut-outs for penetrations, lugs for temporary handrailing and weight bearing pads for plant maintenance requirements.
DARMET RADIANT HEATSHIELDING has been successfully installed on many platforms worldwide. The shields withstand elevated temperatures from flare stacks and can tolerate this severe thermal cycling without detriment to thermal performance and durability.

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